Whether you’re the owner of an independent business or you work in a large corporation’s marketing department, you’ve likely witnessed the explosion of content writing and content marketing over the past decade. If your content marketing strategy has been lacking, you can start strengthening your game by using these seven clever tips.

1. Consistently Refocus on Your Long-Term Goals

If you simply focus your content on accomplishing short-term goals like making a certain product a success, you could risk losing sight of long-term goals. Make sure you consistently remind yourself what your company’s motivations and values are so you can align your content with where you want the business to be in, say, ten years.

2. Use Analytics To Keep Track of Current Performance

If you’re not already using some sort of data analytics to track the current performance of your content, you’re likely behind the competition. Data-based marketing analytics are really taking off, so make sure you track numbers like how many clicks each post gets and so on.

3. Identify the Factors That Make Your Offerings Unique

Any company can start posting content, but to strengthen your brand, you need to figure out what makes your offerings a rarity. Find what makes your company unique and emphasize this in your content.

4. Spend More Time Doing Research

The importance of research to marketing success cannot be underestimated – the more you know your niche and audience, the more you can make your content highly appealing. Invest some of your budget into research, and translate those results into actions.

5. Know Your Target Demographics Inside and Out

You can’t expect lots of clicks if you’re writing for an audience that doesn’t match up with your company’s target demographic. Start writing content tailored to your demographic – for instance, if you sell largely to young people, focus on clever Instagram captions rather than long-form blog posts.

6. Start Scheduling Your Content Posts

While posting whenever you have time may be the easy way out, strategically scheduling your content posts can actually help your SEO efforts more in the long run. Most successful company blogs, for instance, are on a regular posting schedule.

7. Do More Historical Optimization and Stretch Your Content

Finally, you should be making even your older content work for you by doing regular historical optimization to keep old posts relevant. Additionally, try stretching your content further by making accompanying videos or podcasts for certain posts.

The rise of content marketing has made it more important than ever for companies to invest in high-quality content writing. In order to boost your marketing game, try these seven forward-thinking strategies.