Have you been thinking about the intangible factors that make customers choose between your company and your competitors, and wondering what you could do to increase traffic to your business? You may need to start focusing more on creating brand awareness. While perhaps not as commonly used a term as other marketing phrases you may have heard, brand awareness is key to customers knowing about your company and what you uniquely have to offer, which can make them more inclined to choose you over a competitor.

Understand the Strong Link Between Awareness and Conversions

Before you can start spreading awareness of your brand, you need to fully understand why it’s so important and the benefits it can have. Awareness essentially means making customers realize that your offerings are an option, and having your target demographic associate a certain image with your products and services. Your customers will likely go through a series of stages as they become aware of your brand, starting with the early steps of creating awareness and ending with a decision to make a purchase:

  • The pre-awareness stage
  • The awareness stage
  • The familiarity and explorative shopping stage
  • The purchasing stage

As you can see, awareness is critical because it often leads to conversions. In other words, the more your target customers are familiar with your brand, the more likely they are to trust the company and give it their business.

Clarify Your Unique Products, Mission and Other Offerings

You can start building awareness by making clear in all the marketing materials you put out what your unique offerings are. For example, having defined company values, goals and a clear mission are all important in constructing a strong image that will stick in consumers’ minds. You may also want to focus in on the products and services you can provide that have an edge over those of competitors.

Consistently Invest in Appealing Campaigns

The best way to build awareness over time is to consistently invest in attractive and appealing marketing campaigns. Keep in mind that not all campaigns will seem to bring in an immediate return, and this is normal. When constructing brand visibility, what matters is the long haul and crafting a company image that will really take root.

No matter where your company currently is in its marketing journey, fostering strong brand awareness is one of the foundational steps in defining your image, making sure consumers know about you and increasing the likelihood of getting business over one of your competitors. You can start focusing in on honing your brand and making it better known this year by implementing these tips.