As a publisher, putting adverts on your site is one of the ways that you make money. However, some people use ad blockers, which is challenging. But you can apply these tips to increase your engagement with ad blockers in place.

Bad Ad Experiences

Bad ad experiences are a challenge because consumers expect to have an amazing digital experience. These bad experiences have made many users use ad blockers. Once a user does this, every publisher on that web suffers. In 2015, ad blocking cost publishers $21.8 billion, and by December 2016, 600 million devices in the world were using ad-blocking software.

Ad Blockers

There are four groups of people who use ad blockers. The first group comprises those who use ad blockers to protect their privacy. The second group is made of people who don’t want to see ads due to various reasons, such as internet users who are trying to curb online shopping addiction. People who don’t even know that they are using ad blockers form the third group, probably because it was installed by someone else. Finally, the fourth group includes people who are overwhelmed by annoying and intrusive ads.

Planning Your Strategy

All publishers should develop a strategy to reach these groups. One great strategy is to messaging them. It is vital to know who visits your site, why they visit, and why they have blocked ads. For example, if a visitor tells you they don’t know if they are using an ad blocker, you can guide them on how to disable it.

Also, use other strategies such as increasing the number of articles and then couple this with the “soft” wall. This feature limits the number of articles a person using an ad blocker can read. If you have useful articles, the person will disable the ad blocker to keep reading your exciting articles.

People Whitelisting Your Site

Also, when asking people to whitelist your site via messaging, you need to keep the message short. Speak with your voice, be honest, and give visitors time to see the message. Also, ask them to allow ads, tell them how often they visit your site and treat them with respect.

Engaging with People Who Block Ads

If you want to engage with people who block ads, you should remove negative ad experiences, learn the reason a visitor uses ad blocking, develop your strategy using whitelist messages, and write more articles. It is vital to write respectful whitelist messages, and look at how people respond.

This guide can help you increase your engagement with people who use ad blockers, and in turn, make more money.