It is hard to deny how important a functional website is to the success of your business. While simply creating a site might seem like enough to attract new customers to your services, you need to think long and hard about the look and function of your pages. Web design is a huge part of the equation and an area that plenty of business owners overlook. Give yourself a chance to refresh yourself on these basic points and get a better idea of how to tackle the responsibility of designing your site.

The User Experience

One area that tends to get forgotten by business owners designing company sites is the user experience. However, larger companies typically make this the centerpiece of their planning initiatives. Also called UX, the experience of the user makes or breaks a company’s reputation online. If your site does not appeal stylistically or functionally to your target audience, then you’re not going to see results. Take time to approach your site as a user who has never visited before and see what problems you encounter as you click through various links and pages.

The Resolution

Another important area to focus on with web design is the way your site is displayed across various devices. In the past, most people were visiting web pages on their home computers or laptops. These days are long gone, however, and consumers are most likely to visit websites from their phones and other mobile devices. If you’re not creating pages that have been optimized for mobile view, you could be alienating a huge chunk of your potential customers. Thankfully, it is easier than ever before to implement multiple view options into a site’s layout.

The Message

Though not about the design outright, the message of your website should always be clear when you make changes to the appearance. Whether you use specific colors to highlight aspects of your brand or you carefully select keywords for your copy to increase the odds of pages ranking higher on Google, you don’t want to lose sight of what your company is about. No matter what changes you make to the look, always be sure your company’s values and services are at the core of what you are trying to express

The journey of designing a perfect website is long and ongoing. As long as you keep web design a priority over the years, you’ll have no problem making your online presence work to your advantage.