Are you having difficulty deciding between going organic versus paid on your social media platform? Are you worried about possibly making the wrong decision? Well, during moments like these, the best thing anyone can do is to make an informed decision.

Now to make an informed decision, it may be best for you to start with the basics. What exactly is an organic strategy? What about a paid one? Or even, how can someone effectively use these two differing marketing strategies to promote their brand?

To begin with, organic marketing is when an individual promotes his or her brand using the followers that are already on their social media account. This particular strategy is entirely free of charge, and it may also be necessary for the influencer to become successful with his or her future advertisements.

For instance, a person who captivates and inspires his or her following may have a higher chance of bringing more awareness to his or her brand. In addition to that, influencers can also grow its customer service network by attending to their followers’ questions and concerns. They can even have their customers promote their brand through photos and/or reviews. This is not only free but also a quick way to develop a rapport with one’s followers.

Now even though influencers can promote themselves organically, he or she should also keep in mind that there are also benefits when it comes to going the paid route. Paid social media is a marketing strategy that requires one to pay a certain fee to boost one’s brand to a broader audience. This strategy tends to be useful for making sure one’s content does not go unseen, as well as directing one’s ads to a specific demographic. The combination of these two benefits tends to bring new followers to an influencer’s desired platform.

With this in mind, there are also several things to think about when combining the two strategies. An influencer might need to pay attention to how popular a piece is, as well as the best time to put out this content. It also may be the smart choice to retarget the same audience. Lastly, one should not shy away from the subtlety of organic posts and should also be wary of how these two strategies are affecting their data.

As one can see, a promoter can choose to go organic, paid, or even mesh the two together. Either way, these two marketing strategies can be beneficial both alone and in conjunction with one another. The choice is yours.